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You’re likely familiar with the experience of the dreaded doctor’s appointment; you do your due diligence in showing up on time or even early to your appointment, wait an hour to be seen, then the doctor whisks in and out and you are given a diagnosis and perhaps even a prescription before you can even think of the appropriate questions to ask.

Dr. Darshan Shah knows from decades of experience that in the traditional medical setting, doctors are rewarded for maximizing patient caseloads and often reimbursed based on diagnoses and prescriptions, and he wants this to change.

At Next Health, Dr. Shah’s health optimization and longevity center, appointments are an enjoyable experience and health maintenance is part of a regular routine. Press play to hear more about Dr. Shah’s background and learn what Next Health has to offer.

If you are in the LA area, Dr. Shah encourages you to come in for a full executive physical, which includes measuring biomarkers, a full-body MRI, and genome sequencing. From this information, they can get an in-depth look at your health and provide you with advice for appropriate treatment and education to live your healthiest life.

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