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In this podcast, noted author and philosopher, Wynand De Beer, discusses philosophy and metaphysics.

De Beer is the author of From Logos to Bios: Evolutionary Theory in Light of Plato, Aristotle, and Neoplatonism. In today’s interesting podcast, De Beer discusses philosophical, socio-political, and metaphysical issues. As De Beer explains, much of the existing mindset regarding these issues and more, has been lost because of rationalism and secular humanism.

De Beer explains his positions and discusses the important works of others who have preceded him, such as Albert Camus, the French Algerian philosopher and author.

De Beer discusses his latest book, discussing in detail the various chapters—good vs evil; man and woman; consciousness, including the three manifestations of consciousness; and more. Expanding on his thoughts, De Beer provides an analysis of the concept of gender as it relates to current and historical interpretations as well.

De Beer states that the traditional concept of man and woman (male and female) must exist as complete opposites in order to derive the reality in which we live. De Beer continues, providing an account on the views of feminism, the militant forms of feminism, and male chauvinism… all of which must be rejected as they present a completely imbalanced view. There is no subordination or domination, De Beer states.

De Beer goes on to explain that the views and functions of gender and sexuality, etc. are continually and increasingly taken to the extreme, often as a form of rebellion. 

De Beer discusses other areas of his book, including a detailed discussion on modern liberalism, and views regarding the immortality of the soul—including early Greek mythology from significant voices such as Plato. Wrapping up, the philosopher and author discusses his next book currently titled, Origins, and the topics he will examine in that upcoming work.

In this podcast:

  • A mental overview on metaphysics
  • What is the importance of gender?
  • What is liberalism?
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