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Denise Ruffner, Chief Business Officer, Cambridge Quantum Computing, discusses quantum computing.

Denise Ruffner, as Chief Business Officer at Cambridge Quantum Computing, is a valuable member of the company’s executive leadership. Ruffner coordinates and oversees Cambridge Quantum Computing’s business development activities that build upon and support their active growth agenda, client development, corporate strategy, and important relationships.

Denise earned her master’s degree in Neurobiology and Molecular Biology from the University of Pittsburgh.

Podcast Points:

  • What is quantum computing?
  • As technology develops, so do ways to hack into environments. What can be done?
  • An overview of encryption

Ruffner discusses the details of her company, Cambridge Quantum Computing, and what quantum computing really is all about. She talks about the development of software for quantum computers, and the security devices they develop that can protect against quantum computers potentially breaking security environments.

She explains the power of these quantum computer juggernauts, and how they will have the power to break through standard computer encryption safety walls. So companies that hold sensitive data need to start thinking about how they can protect confidential data. Ruffner explains their projects in development that use quantum physics to create non-hackable environments.

Expanding on her discussion, Ruffner talks about the scientists and teams involved in various projects in quantum finance and more at Cambridge Quantum Computing. She provides an overview of some of the projects and products she finds extremely interesting. She discusses t|ket™ which is their software package that allows you to write quantum algorithms on top of it, and ultimately enables users to move their software and run it on different devices. As she states, there is a race in the quantum computer industry, and operating software can be quite varied, thus t|ket™ provides a platform to move software and run algorithms on different devices seamlessly. t|ket™ translates machine independent algorithms into truly executable circuits, and thereby optimizes for physical qubit layout, all the while reducing the total number of required operations.

Continuing, Ruffner discusses quantum volume and the details of it. Wrapping up, Ruffner discusses some of the scientific problems that can be addressed with quantum computing, and the complex computational problems that still cannot be solved even with supercomputers, and how quantum computing can help.

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