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“If you don’t correct insulin, no matter what you do for weight, you will not be successful in the long run,” says Dr. Adam Nally, who for the past 15 years has treated a large number of his patients by removing the starch from their diets and replacing it with fats and proteins. As a result, he’s completely reversed over 50 cases of diabetes, and written a book—The Keto Cure: A Low Carb High Fat Dietary Solution to Heal Your Body and Optimize Your Health—about his experience treating 16 other diseases with this same dietary focus. There’s also an entire chapter on sugar substitutes—which ones to avoid, which ones are the least harmful, and which ones are essentially equivalent to a tablespoon of sugar.

Dr. Nally joins the podcast to discuss the personal journey that led him to explore this avenue of medicine, how to estimate your own insulin levels, triggers for false sensations of hunger, why some people may be holding on to weight despite seeming to do everything right, and his take on intermittent fasting. He’s a wealth of information, so tune in for the full conversation and check out his website at

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