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In this podcast we’ll hear from Mark Russell, the innovation entrepreneur and founder of Rocking Bed ( Mark talks sleep and motion, and provides info on his exciting new product.

We all want to sleep better and Russell believes he has the answer. Taking a cruise in 2004 changed his life and the lives of many others whom will some day soon be purchasing a Rocking Bed. On the cruise Russell was stunned by how much the vessel’s rocking motion helped him to sleep like a baby.

Motivated to get that good sleep every night of his life he set out to create a solution and the rest is, as they say, history.

Russell expounds upon current research that shows motion is effective at improving the quality of sleep. The sleep guru talks about some of the great feedback they have gotten at trade shows, as well as some of the interesting discoveries.

He mentions that many people, after closing their eyes while lying on the Rocking Bed, cannot believe the bed is even moving as the rocking motion is so subtle. Russell states that so many are shocked when they open their eyes to see that it is actually still moving.

This is a testament to the smooth rocking nature that you will hardly notice, but your body will, as it is gently coaxed into a state of relaxation, heading off to slumber.

Additionally, Russell enthusiastically explains the great benefits his company’s Rocking Bed can provide for special needs children who actually need to be rocked in order to fall asleep at all. Wrapping up, Russell discusses the manufacturing process and how they make each bed, and he talks about their business overall and the growth they hope to see as they expand their market in the near future.

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