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Ron Spence is a passionate research scientist and Barbara Turner is a dedicated health coach; together they provide a detailed overview of quantum energy and the immense power it may hold.

Turner talks extensively about nutrition and health, and the health problems that her family members experienced that motivated her to dig deeper into the various issues that can cause trouble within the body. She became interested in biofeedback and the intersection between health and technology. Turner discusses Limbic Arc, a quantum-energy wellness product that is creating a lot of buzz in the industry.

The health enthusiast provides information on how users can subscribe and access the Limbic Arc that delivers access to 150 quantum-energy wellness products. Limbic Arc was developed by a company that works with many thousands of doctors and healthcare providers globally.

As a dedicated master affiliate at Limbic Arc, Spence details how the technology is based upon quantum theory. Spence talks about the origination of Limbic Arc by Dr. Vaughn Cook. Spence discusses the ear-ringing (tinnitus) condition that he has suffered from for many years. Miraculously, the Limbic Arc platform helped Spence to access energy that defeated his tinnitus in just a short time.

Spence talks about the process of biochemical exchange and information energy that exists at the subatomic level. He provides an overview of his thoughts on cellular receptors and the connection to diseases and illnesses. Further, Spence discusses blockages within the body that can be initiated by toxins when micronutrients are blocked.

As they explain in detail, the Limbic Arc has two major functioning parts: a library of information fields that are contained within the internet cloud—logarithmic expressions that are connected with items in the actual physical world; and next is the app in which users can manage their specialized library of Limbic Arc products known as InfoBoosts.

Spence discusses how the quantum field works, and he outlines the complex, interesting details of the limbic system. He stresses how crucial it is to break blockages and how the Limbic Arc app can connect users to energy that can really change lives.

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