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In this podcast, Janet Bennett, sleep expert and author, delivers a wealth of information on sleep issues, covering techniques and treatments available through her sleep program (

Bennett is a Speech Pathologist dedicated to helping people end suffering and rediscover what it feels like to actually sleep well. As Bennett explains, snoring indicates mouth breathing is occurring, and that can prevent the body from heading into REM sleep.

Bennett discusses the sleep apnea and snoring connection, and outlines why it is important to learn about the potential signs. She explains that many individuals believe wholeheartedly that they cannot breathe well through their nose, and thereby resort to mouth breathing. But the fact is—they can, and just need to train themselves how to nose breath.

Bennett discusses how her program can train people to position the tip of their tongue at a specific spot on the palette, which can assist with good air flow. 

The entrepreneur discusses CPAP (continuous positive airway pressure) machines, and details information about changes in the devices over the years. Bennett discusses mouth breathing, and various tongue exercises that we can utilize to retrain our tongues to hold themselves at the roof of the mouth, for more natural breathing via the nose.

Bennett continues, talking about snoring causes and effects, as well as snoring treatment. She provides further information on her program and discusses the results people experience.

In this podcast:

  • The dangers of sleep disorders
  • What’s so bad about mouth breathing?
  • Can you improve your airway flow?


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