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The lack of quality sleep is becoming a global epidemic—almost all of us either suffer from a sleep problem or know someone who does. But at the same time, sleep clinicians are still few and far between, making it difficult and inconvenient for people to find legitimate help with their sleep. This leaves people in a cycle that consists of poor sleep, poor work performance, and poor quality of life. URGOTech is a company that’s offering a solution: they’re bringing the same technology used by sleep doctors and clinics to the comfort of your home.

The basis of their product revolves around a relatively simple concept, which is that the brain simply needs to be trained to sleep better. A user simply wears the URGOTech headband, connects to the app, and follows the training exercises three times a week for approximately 15 to 20 minutes each session. The results? People are not only able to fall asleep faster, but they’re experiencing a 53% reduction in the number of times they wake up each night. Co-founder of URGOTech, Guirec Le Lous, joins the podcast to explain how exactly the product works, how each individual will utilize a different strategy for improving their sleep, and when you can look forward to getting one for yourself.

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