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Dr. Wei-Shin Lai and Jason Wolfe, the wife/husband team behind the successful sleep aid company, SleepPhones ( discuss their interesting, and organic, path to sleep innovation.

Dr. Wei-Shin Lai discusses how sleep problems in her own life led her onto a path of research that culminated with the development of their popular sleeping aids. Trying unsuccessfully to find a way to relax into sleep with bulky headphones, she set out to invent a better solution.

With the help of her husband Jason, the couple began to manufacture hundreds of SleepPhones units from the comfort of their home turned factory. Dr. Lai shared her headphone sleep relaxation product with her patients who had been taking sleeping pills and many saw immediate improvement, able to fall asleep naturally again, with no drugs.

Now, after eleven years, they are receiving lots of feedback from satisfied customers who state that the SleepPhones headband is the most comfortable, has saved their marriages from the agonizing problem of an in-bed snorer, and increased a general feeling of wellness within them.

The sleep entrepreneurs discuss their super soft headband fabrics, and the mechanisms within, such as their tiny but ample removable speakers. Whatever you need to fall asleep, whether it’s white noise, talk radio, meditation music, or rock and roll, you can listen to it with their product and find yourself easing into sleep faster.

Looking toward the future, Wolfe talks about a new initiative that engages AI and machine learning to source exactly which sound technologies are the most ideal, most effective, for applications. Wrapping up, Lai and Wolfe talk about the textiles they use to make the sleep aid products, fabrics for every kind of climate and activity.

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