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Meir Kryger, MD, FRCP(C) has spent a lifetime studying sleep and we can all benefit from his vast knowledge on the subject, for sleep is important for everyone. Dr. Kryger is a successful author as well as a professor of medicine at Yale School of Medicine. In this informative podcast, Dr. Kryger discusses sleep disorders and treatments.

Dr. Kryger ‘s widely read book, Principles and Practice of Sleep Medicine, is basic required reading for every medical professional dealing with sleep issues and their effects on the body. The book provides important information that doctors can utilize to better care for their patients who have sleep-related issues that are impacting their health.

Dr. Kryger talks about how he became intrigued with sleep medicine. He discusses his first patients with sleep disorders and how he was literally charting new territory with treatment, as at the time there were not a lot of medical professionals talking about these issues. Dr. Kryger gives an overview of sleep apnea. He stresses that tonsil size, jaw structure, etc. can trigger sleep apnea in normal weight people, and that it is not just a problem that occurs in overweight people, as some might have thought previously. He talks about how we breathe during sleep and how the breath is impacted by disorders.

Dr. Kryger discusses CPAP, which stands for Continuous Positive Airway Pressure therapy. He explains how it is a treatment for a particular type of sleep apnea referred to as obstructive sleep apnea. Through the use of a specialized hose and mask, CPAP delivers a continuous air pressure that regulates breathing. Continuing, Dr. Kryger discusses some additional important and distressing medical conditions such as hypoventilation, narcolepsy, and COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder), and the possible treatments for all.

Dr. Kryger has published more than 200 research articles and book chapters and is a sought-after expert in the field of sleep. Dr. Kryger’s lab was the first of its kind in Canada, studying patients suffering from sleep breathing issues and disorders. Dr. Kryger was also the first to diagnose obstructive sleep apnea in North America. His life’s work has been considered essential by the medical community in the understanding of how sleep affects the body, and as such he has received funding from government as well as industry sources of France, the United States, and of course, Canada.

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