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In this podcast, Nessa Carey, the celebrated author of Epigenetics Revolution: How Modern Biology Is Rewriting Our Understanding of Genetics, Disease and Inheritance, talks about her work in epigenetics.

Carey outlines epigenetics, a scientific discipline that studies and explains the things that cannot be easily explained by basic genetics. How can two things that are absolutely genetically identical be different from one another in any way, or become more different over time? How are different biological outcomes actually possible? Epigenetics seeks to solve these mysteries and offer concrete understanding of the why and how as it relates to biological development.

Carey discusses stem cells. She talks in detail about zygotes, and the embryonic stem cell, and how epigenetics enhances our understanding of the structures, as well as behaviors of biological life on the planet. Epigenetics demonstrates how nurture and nature can work together to engineer incredible biological diversity.

Carey talks about gene expression in a fetus, and discusses the important connections between a mother and a fetus. She provides her thoughts on Darwinian evolution as it relates to epigenetics. And Carey talks about chronic conditions that cause human suffering, such as neurodegenerative diseases and diabetes, and she explains why they may take a longer time to develop.

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