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Dr. David Heath is the founder of Cutitronics. Information about the company can be found online at ( as well as in many posts and articles. In this podcast, Dr. Heath discusses the skincare industry and the ways that Cutitronics is changing the game with technology.

Dr. Heath talks about his interest in transdermal medical technology. He recounts his backstory that reveals how he came to discover that many problems in the cosmetic skincare industry could be better handled via the use of technology. Dr. Heath discusses his research in biomedical engineering. He talks about specific research that provided answers about the dynamic nature of skin. Through his study of the subject he was able to couple digital technology and engineering with chemistry to revolutionize skincare. As he states, the dynamic and complex nature of skin must be considered heavily when creating products for skincare regimens. Dr. Heath gives an overview of fat-soluble and water-soluble products, and he provides further information on how products used on the skin can affect the microbiome in general.

As proper skincare requires discipline, many people find it challenging to utilize skincare products with the daily discipline that is required in order to get the same results at home as those who saw results in structured clinical trials. The Cutitronics devices have revolutionized skincare; they dispense the proper amount of product each time, the right amount to get results. Dr. Heath talks about the implementation of progress bars or making a product’s use feel more like a game in order to increase users’ interest in being rigorous in their daily use of skincare products. Cutitronics’ handheld devices can be the missing link in the skincare chain as they offer an opportunity to extend specialized care into the user’s home so they can deliver quality skincare to themselves in the same manner a skincare specialist might in a clinic environment.

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