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In this podcast, Adam Brown, senior editor of diaTribe, an online community for those with diabetes, shares his personal story of diabetes management.

Adam shares valuable diabetes information gathered from nearly two decades of living with and managing his own diabetes. In his book, Bright Spots & Landmines, he delves into diabetes management with tips and strategies aimed at living a healthier life. The book seeks to answer questions and address issues that many people have after their diagnosis, as they begin to walk down the path toward diabetes management.

The diabetes editor talks about his own diagnosis and how discovering methods used by bodybuilders for tracking their body performance and chemistry helped him to gain a better understanding of the importance of careful body monitoring. Additionally, he talks about the critical importance of nutrition and how the consumption of the right foods is a major tool for managing diabetes properly.

Adam delves into a thorough discussion of continuous glucose monitoring (CGM), that can be utilized to monitor glucose levels day and night. These effective CGM systems can track glucose measurements, and extrapolate the important data necessary to give people with diabetes a good understanding of glucose direction and rate of change. As it measures the glucose highs and lows and can provide insight into how certain foods, as well as types of exercise impact the body, individuals with diabetes, can now manage their condition perhaps better than ever.

Adam is a contributing writer and senior editor with diaTribe, a helpful online community for anyone with diabetes, or family members who want to know more. Adam’s popular column, “Adam’s Corner,” offers diabetes tips and quality information regarding exercise, foods, and strategies for achieving restful sleep.

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