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“Everyone has their own concept of what innovation is…but…when everything’s important, nothing is particularly important, and if nothing is particularly important, nothing gets done,” says Harvard Professor of Business Administration and well-known author, Gary Pisano. He continues by explaining that while everyone seems to be on board with this idea of being innovative, no one can really define exactly what that means.

So, what is innovation? According to Pisano, there is no one answer, but a multitude of answers that depend on what a company needs or wants it to be. The key, he argues, lies in the ability to formulate succinct definitions of different types of innovation, and devise detailed plans to achieve them. When approached in this way, innovation is not just for the small entrepreneurial company, as many believe; it’s for even the largest of enterprises. This is the focus of Pisano’s most recent book, Creative Construction: The DNA of Sustained Innovation, and he joins the podcast today to explore some of its main tenets.

In this podcast, you’ll learn:

  • Why enterprises all too often fail to implement innovative change (three primary reasons)
  • How to overcome the barriers to innovation and make true progress within large companies
  • What it is that determines what and who is considered valuable within large companies—and how to wield this knowledge to your advantage

Tune in to hear the full conversation and find his book on Amazon or a bookstore near you

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