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Dr. Vincent “Ben” Bocchicchio, doctor, author, and health-oriented fitness expert delivers an interesting and important analysis of the body, exercise, and diet connection, and how we can all make positive changes that will improve our health significantly. Bocchicchio has over 40 years of experience in the fitness and health industry. He is a sought-after expert whose practical methods for achieving optimal health combine science with effective body conditioning and technology for top results in weight loss, and fitness. Dr. Bocchicchio was the pioneer developer of slow resistance training, a fitness technique that literally revolutionized the way people exercise.

Bocchicchio’s book, Fifteen Minutes to Fitness: Dr. Ben’s Smart Plan for Diet and Total Health, outlines a sensible and rational approach to diet and exercise. Bocchicchio’s method produces significant results by working with physiology and it is a must-read for fitness and health professionals. Bocchicchio discusses his early years as a serious athlete and the fitness experts who influenced his journey. He talks about the history of health and fitness and the struggle to bring good fitness ideas into mainstream consciousness.

The fitness guru discusses the development of his celebrated slow resistance training techniques known as ‘smart training.’ He describes his program as high intensity and it has garnered successful results for many of his clients and followers, from elite athletes to the average health-conscious person. As he details, his program requires just two 15-minute sessions per week to see a real impact on health and energy, as well as increase of metabolism. Bocchicchio provides insight on his thoughts behind the development of the smart training techniques. Bocchicchio states that he wanted to look at how our earlier ways of living impacted good health. He talks about how early humans did not have carbohydrates but had to exist on fish and fowl that required humans to hunt, which was an intensive workout.

Bocchicchio provides some detailed information on insulin resistance and the negative impact of carbohydrates, and how our bodies truly don’t need them. He describes the process of fat cell storage, and how the prevalence of sugar in so many of our foods is leading to health problems. Essentially, Dr. Bocchicchio states that the consumption of carbohydrates is akin to ingesting insulin. And while a full diet and exercise plan is the best option, simply cutting carbohydrates is one step that everyone can take for their health. And Bocchicchio goes in-depth about the methods our bodies use to burn fat and sugar, and how fasting can provide an opportunity for the body to initiate an intensive energy burning process. When we eat, as Bocchicchio states, we are sending a metabolic signal to our bodies to store energy, and when we fast we are telling our bodies to burn energy. He outlines how intermittent fasting can be an option for people who want to stimulate their burn.

Bocchicchio details the many types of exercise and workout plans that people invest their time into, and he stresses the importance of high-intensity exercise because it releases adrenaline, which in turn forces the body to release stored fat. He explains that steady state cardio exercise is good for overall health but that it will not change one’s metabolic status or make the body leaner. He states that in order to achieve the best results for metabolic purposes, essentially pushing the body to burn more energy, that we must work harder at a high-intensity level, which can only be done in short blocks of time due to the intensity it requires.

The diet and fitness expert delivers an intensive overview of other factors that drive insulin resistance and the dangers of sugar loading. He talks about exercise techniques and gives specific examples of methods that everyone can use to improve their exercise regimens and general health. He discusses safe, productive, and intermittent exercising and the benefits of keeping a regular routine. Bocchicchio explains his personal workout routine and the advantages of working each set of muscles to failure, thus pushing the workout to a high-intensity level that maximizes the metabolic benefits. And he wraps up his thorough analysis of health and fitness by discussing some of his partnerships with various fitness groups and brands, as well as the tools one can use to exercise efficiently and intensely, for optimum health.

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