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Peter Sullivan, the founder of Clear Light Ventures, talks about the many environmental toxins that could be impacting our health, that we need to know about.

Sullivan’s work covers electromagnetic field safety and awareness, toxic metals screening, and a special focus on environmental issues that could play a significant role in the development of autism. Sullivan’s company, Clear Light Ventures, has a goal of helping people remove the environmental health threats that are negatively impacting their lives.

Sullivan discusses environmental threats and he states that with many chronic diseases, when symptoms are noticed, there could already be many things affecting your health and how you feel, not just one. He delves into the various ways our devices such as the popular wearables and other electronic devices could be impacting our health. He spends a few moments discussing the effects of mercury poisoning and the general effects of an assortment of environmental toxins.

The environmental toxins expert states that everyone can work to reduce their exposure to toxins. Turn off smartphones at night, or at the very least remove them from beds and/or bedside tables when we sleep. We can all help drop our exposure by using the ‘off and away’ method, by turning devices off at night and when they are not needed, and moving them away to safer distances. He provides information about sperm damage and DNA damage, and talks about wireless radiation’s impact.

The environmental health expert provides information on the various meters that are available to help us test our environments for toxins and exposures, such as EMF meters as well as specific meters that measure magnetic fields and electric fields, wireless radiation, and other potential health-impacting problems.

Sullivan’s groundbreaking and notable work on detoxification and EMF has been featured in books and magazines and he is a noted authority in the field of environmental toxin exposure.

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