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What’s the ultimate cause of cancer? It’s not an easy question to answer, and according to Travis Christofferson, author of Tripping Over the Truth: The Return of the Metabolic Theory of Cancer, there’s no single cause, but a series of complex interactions and events that depend at least somewhat on our environment. Christofferson explains this in terms of epigenetic responses, which result in the turning off or on of certain genes–allowing some to be expressed and blocking others from being expressed. Diet, toxins, medications, and even loneliness are just a few of the factors that could trigger epigenetic responses and ultimately contribute to the determination of whether or not someone will develop cancer.

Christofferson offers an insightful conversation that touches on a range of topics, including the benefits of using metabolic therapy in conjunction with chemotherapy and radiation, the therapeutical differential between cancer cells and healthy cells that’s produced by the ketogenic diet, the use of aerobic glycolysis by cancer cells as opposed to oxidative pathways (the Warburg effect) and how this can be taken advantage of in the treatment of cancer, how and why the repurposing of drugs–in particular Metformin–holds promise as a form of cancer treatment, and why brain cancers seem to be most responsive to metabolic therapies.

Click play to hear the full conversation, and check out his book to learn more.

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