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Over a short and recent span of time, non-natural electromagnetic field (EMF) radiation levels have risen by a factor of about 1.0×1018 (that’s one with 18 zeros behind it!). While it may be invisible, the effects of EMF radiation from technology aren’t, according to numerous recent studies on the subject. Just this year, a report by the National Toxicology Program showed that cell phone signals encourage the development of cancer in rats and mice; these findings were confirmed by four additional large-scale studies. And in his own lab, Dr. Paul Héroux from the Department of Epidemiology, Biostatistics, and Occupational Health at McGill University has shown that low-frequency magnetic fields which are contained in power systems fields and cell phone signals directly influence cancer cells of all types and lead to the generation of free radicals. Despite this growing body of research, the industry has maintained that the effects of this radiation on human and animal health are negligible.

Dr. Héroux makes for a fascinating conversation, explaining the difference between natural and non-natural EMF radiation, why biological systems don’t exhibit resistance to this radiation, the most damaging aspects of cell phone technology and data transmission on human health, how free radicals are generated and what they can do to the body, how the impending implementation of 5G will only add another layer of radiation and increase frequency, and much more. But he also discusses the ways in which the damaging effects can be mitigated, which range from redesigning cell phones to direct the radiation away from the user, to choosing how you download your data. Tune in to learn more.

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