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When using ketones as fuel, the body produces 45 times less free radicals than it does when using glucose as fuel, which, according to Gary Millet, is just one piece of evidence indicating that ketones are the body’s preferred fuel source. As the founder of Kegenix, Millet discusses the range of products they offer—all of which contain exogenous ketone salts that are bio-equivalent to the ketones our body’s produce.

By combining MCT oil and ketone salts, Kegenix products can help you achieve ketosis while simultaneously allowing you to avoid all the symptoms of “keto flu” and stimulating your body’s own ability to produce ketones. Interested in losing weight? Increasing and sustaining your energy? Kegenix is in the process of producing products targeted specifically toward people’s individual goals. But that’s not all: they’ve also created the first-ever keto meal replacement containing all of the essential macro-nutrients and vitamins. Check out for recipes on turning this replacement into a plate of waffles, biscuits, or pancakes.

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