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In this podcast, Dale R. Pfost, PhD, Director and Cofounder of Microbiome Therapeutics, talks in-depth about microbiome therapeutics, microbes, gut health, prediabetes treatment, and so much more.

Dr. Pfost has over a quarter century of expertise in the biotechnology industry. He was the Chief Executive of six biotechnology companies, and is the founding CEO of MicroBiome Therapeutics. Dr. Pfost earned a BS from UC Santa Barbara and a PhD in physics from the prestigious Brown University.

Dr. Pfost talks about the mission of Microbiome Therapeutics. As the field of the microbiome encompasses a vast array of human health issues, it’s clear that this area of research is here to stay. Dr. Pfost states that the microbiome arena is perhaps the broadest paradigm shift in biotechnology, bar none.

Dr. Pfost discusses cells, probiotics, and the varied processes that occur in the lower gut. He talks about caloric intake and provides detailed information regarding the repopulation that takes place within the gut. He explains how prebiotics, etc. help microbes produce important, healthy short chain fatty acids. And he discusses gut hormones, and the connection between the gut and our brains. Dr. Pfost explains the importance of decreasing the production of the bad things in the gut—such as hydrogen, gas, methane, and sulfide.

The biotech expert discusses intermittent fasting, and explains how during a fast we are not only fasting ourselves, but the microbes as well. He discusses various diets, including the keto diet and other nutritional aspects of select diets, and how they might affect microbes.

In this podcast:

How microbes produce important short chain fatty acids
The benefits of prebiotics, and probiotic foods
The gut to brain connection

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