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Smartphones are everywhere these days; enter a waiting room or a public bus and you can probably bet that over 50% of the people around you will be tuned in to their phones and tuned out of the world that surrounds them. The ability to acquire so much info at the touch of button is unprecedented in human history, and undoubtedly has a positive impact on our lives in some ways. However, there are also drawbacks to this level of accessibility, such as excessive use that interferes with our productivity, focus, and even our sleep. Unfortunately, kids are no exception to this, which is disturbing to a lot of parents.

So, what’s the solution? The team at OurPact might just have one: a digital parental control app that allows parents to control which apps their kids use, how often they use them, and when they use them. The app also has a content filter, location tracking feature, and a system that detects certain keywords which are commonly found within certain categories of content—content most parents wouldn’t want their kids consuming.

This app isn’t just for parents who want to ensure that technology doesn’t interfere with their kids’ health, well-being, and education; it’s also for professionals and students who acknowledge the need to admit when enough is enough. It might possibly be the best screen time app for Android. Paige Mayer, Director of Communications at OurPact, joins the podcast today to give us all the details.



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