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Did you know that 40% of your sleep comfort comes from your pillow? The team at REM-fit knows this, which is why they’ve spent the last several years putting so much energy into the creation of a pillow unlike any other—one that utilizes the technology of today’s world in every way possible to bring you the best night’s sleep, every night. The ZEEQ pillow is both Alexa-integrated and IFTTT-integrated (If This Then That), which means it can connect with any smart Home-enabled device you have. It can get your coffee brewing 20 minutes before your alarm is set to go off, it can begin heating the floors in your bathroom before you start your day, it can pull back the shades to let in natural light, and it can adjust the humidity in your home based on your individual sleep needs.

Kevin Houston, head of Execution at REM-Fit, joins the podcast to describe all the functions and features of the ZEEQ pillow, which include infinite adjustability allowing you to customize your pillow based on your preferences, the ability to stream music, white noise, or guided meditation without the need for an uncomfortable headset, and an outer material that is antimicrobial resistant, moisture-wicking, and cool to the touch, aiding in your ability to obtain quality, uninterrupted sleep.

The team at REM-Fit understands the importance of sleep, and they’re passionate about it. This is why they are constantly improving their products based on customer feedback, and constantly crunching the data in order to identify areas which might need improvement. So far, the ZEEQ pillow has proven extremely popular.

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