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Technology is changing the world; there is no denying that, and now it is changing not only the world around us but also what’s inside us (when we need it to). Biofabrication will meet 3D bioprinting and will produce advances in medicine that will be so innovative and progressive they will astound us. Lorenzo Moroni, a professor of biofabrication in regenerative medicine at the prestigious Maastricht University provides an update on the advances in biofabrication models, and the amazing strides the scientific community is making in the area of drug therapy.

Dr. Moroni’s lab is passionate about understanding the pathology of the disease. From a biomedical engineer’s perspective, Moroni talks about biofabrication and explains how it offers an opportunity to test new treatments and drugs in a three-dimensional environment of a specific targeted tissue area or perhaps an organ. Dr. Moroni explains as the human body is three-dimensional, testing drugs and therapies in a more precise three-dimensional environment provides for better results and increases overall efficiency.

Finally, Dr. Moroni discusses how the new technological advances in biofabrication allow for a better understanding of diseases that impact heart valves and vascular tissue, cartilage, and much more. As he states, 3D processes may lead us to a future in which bioprinting of organs is a viable medical option.

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