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Arvind Gupta, managing director and founder of IndieBio (, delivers an interesting overview of the important connection between biology and technology.

Gupta knows his way around multiple industries and has worked in genetic engineering as well as industrial design, the latter of which helped him to master the concept of productizing technology. Gupta’s company, IndieBio, is a respected venture capital firm that provides funding to scientists who utilize real-world technology to tackle real world problems. The bigger the problem the more excited Gupta’s team is to solve it.

Gupta gives an analysis of cellular agriculture, an innovative process of producing food in advanced cellular factories. He discusses what intrigued them about this concept and how they stepped in to lend a hand financially. He talks in detail about their move to fund the project and how doing so has literally created a buzz in the business and scientific communities regarding how our food is produced.

Further, Gupta provides an account of the many other exciting, groundbreaking businesses that have created dramatic technology using AI and natural language processing, some that could offer help for cancer patients by aligning them with clinical trials. Additionally, Gupta talks about some of the reasons why a patient may or may not be achieving the desired results for a particular drug they are taking.

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