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“This concept that the [vitamin] D goes low and the microbiome fails, is the basic underlying cause for everybody’s failure; when everybody fails with the same mechanism, that doesn’t mean that we all manifest the same disease,” says Dr. Stasha Gominak. She goes on to explain how and why, despite the underlying cause being the same, one person might develop depression, while another person might develop Alzheimer’s.

She expounds on where some vitamins might come from and what impact they have on the function of the gut microbiome, what amounts of vitamin D and vitamin B are necessary in order to provide the necessary benefits and restore the microbiome to a functional state, why she considers the microbiome to be an organ, and the crucial connection between vitamins and sleep.

For details on all this and more, tune in. You will discover:

  • Why it takes months or years’ worth of perfect sleep in addition to vitamins for the immune system to repair itself from disease
  • Why Dr. Gominak believes that whole-genome sequencing of the bacteria in our gut is a waste of time
  • Why Dr. Gominak believes probiotics are a complete waste of time
  • How vitamin D affects the thyroid

 For more information about Dr. Gominak’s work, visit

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