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Imagine being triggered in a negatively emotional and physiological way by certain sounds in the environment—sounds considered ordinary or only slightly annoying to most people. Consider also what it would be like to experience long-term high-frequency ringing or buzzing in your ears, something that seems to worsen by simply noticing it. These experiences are called misophonia and tinnitus, respectively, and if she didn’t suffer from both, Dr. Jennifer Conlin likely wouldn’t be where she is today: following her passion as a doctor of audiology and working for Love to Hear Again Audiology in Texas.

On today’s episode, she discusses the role of an audiologist, speech-language pathology specialties, some of the most and least common conditions she treats, how musicians present a unique challenge in terms of treatment for auditory conditions (she would know because she’s also a musician!), and so much more. Tune in to discover:

· In what ways different brands of hearing aids differ from each other

· How artificial intelligence is being implemented in hearing aids, to include language translations and fall detection

· How a person’s hearing can impact their mental state, including the development of dementia, social withdrawal, depression, and chronic fatigue

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