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Are you always tired in the morning, despite how much you slept? Do you go to bed with a sore neck, only to wake up with more soreness? Chronic poor sleep can wreak havoc on our bodies without us even knowing it. There are a number of sleeping problem solutions on the market, but the solution might be a bit simpler than we imagine. After years of frustration in trying to find a pillow that was comfortable and would retain its integrity over time, Richard Jacobs wondered why people couldn’t just have a pillow designed using their individual measurements.

Soon after, he founded The Good Night’s Sleep Project, which is providing the world’s first-ever custom-tailored pillow backed by AI computer vision. How does it work? All you have to do is download the app and send in a photo or two of yourself, from which 14 measurements will be extracted and used in the creation of your truly customized pillow. It’s that simple. On today’s podcast, you will learn:

  • What happens during snoring and sleep apnea, and how your pillow could be contributing to it
  • How the wear on a mattress over time can alter the shape of your pillow and lead to neck and shoulder pain
  • Feedback from users of the custom-tailored pillow and where to get yours

Check out for more info.

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