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Chris Berka of Advanced Brain Monitoring talks to us about how they have challenged the orthodox thinking by creating advanced medical devices that provide a superior patient experience, lower healthcare costs, and improved quality of care.

Talking about some of their successful experiments she explained how they were able to predict from the teams’ brains states which team had more cardiac synchrony & brain coherence and which team will be able to solve a given problem successfully by measuring non-invasively from body and brain. They can track when the team moves from novice to expert and which member of the team will emerge as a leader.

She also explains how a Pre-Shot Peak Performance (PSPP) profile was identified in experts in marksmanship, archery, and golf to provide the basis for real-time feedback to trainees. Preliminary data indicated that marksmanship learning trajectories improve significantly when novices train with the APPT as compared to controls.

Advanced Brain Monitoring is also working on EEG based diagnostics and better treatments and they also have multiple sleep medicine devices to help people sleep better. This is an exciting new technology that is going to change our lives. So make sure to listen to this podcast, subscribe and share. To fuel our interviews keep donating Bitcoins to Future Tech Podcast.

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