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As an outgrowth of the Personal Genome Project, the Open Humans Foundation is a non-profit organization that encourages people to collect, aggregate and make the most of their data. In today’s world, it’s possible to collect data on nearly every aspect of our lives, from our DNA to the number of steps we took on our morning jog. But according to Bastian Tzovaras, head of research at Open Humans Foundation, we aren’t using our data to its full potential. On today’s episode, he discusses how he’s made use of his own personal data through the Open Humans Foundation, and how communities of people are forming within the foundation to conduct their own experiments in genomics, genetic inheritance, and continuous glucose monitoring for diabetes 1. He also discusses the importance of extracting data from silos and examining it in aggregate form in order to identify correlations and trigger new areas of research. It’s free to become a part of the community at Open Humans Foundation–just visit to check it out.

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