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In this podcast, Louise Short, MD, MSc, National Clinical Leader for Strategic Benefit Advisors provides an overview of healthcare, health management, and employer options that can enhance overall health.

Louise Short holds degrees from Harvard, Tufts University School of Medicine, and the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai. And she is a recognized leader in multiple areas of healthcare management and innovation. Dr. Short works with employers to develop new strategies that can assist families who desire to make better health choices and avoid the negative effects of poor or compromised health.

Dr. Short discusses her group, Strategic Benefit Advisors, and some of their immediate goals. She talks about population health, and their work with employers regarding health, healthcare costs, and efficient productivity. As she states, employers face increasing healthcare costs for a myriad of reasons such as expensive specialty drugs, high-cost claimants, and many chronic diseases.

The health management guru talks about healthcare management in detail, stressing points out that all employers can take advantage of. Dr. Short outlines various types of health plans and breaks down the reasons why some are seemingly better than others. And she discusses a few of the best features she hopes will expand further such as virtual care options, and intensive disease care management, as well as comprehensive behavioral health.

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