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Your mood, your level of productivity, and your health are just a few things that can be affected by poor sleep. Considering that about one-third of the global population reports not getting enough sleep or not getting quality sleep, this is a real problem that many argue has approached epidemic proportions. Talk to any number of sleep experts and you’re likely to get a different answer as to what contributes to or prevents quality sleep. But Nicolas Roux argues that there’s one contributor which is both underrated and absolutely essential: temperature regulation. This argument is supported by studies which have shown that temperature dysregulation is seen in most chronic insomniacs.

The team at Moona has developed a solution in the form of a pillow insert that’s connected to a bedside device. Based on the user’s needs, the device sends a quiet, continuous flow of water at different temperatures. For example, since lower temperatures facilitate the ability to fall asleep, cooler water will circulate the insert while the user is attempting to fall asleep. Conversely, higher temperatures facilitate the ability to wake gradually, so warmer water will circulate the insert about 20 minutes prior to the user’s desired wake time. Driven by an AI-powered app, the device will make increasingly accurate temperature suggestions as it gathers more data from a user’s sleep profile and patterns.

Head of marketing at Moona, Nicolas Roux, joins the podcast to discuss the ins and outs of this technology, feedback from user testing, when you’ll be able to get one for yourself, and his personal experience with the Moona insert. Tune in and visit to learn more.

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