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When Daniel Gartenberg, Ph.D. created the Sonic Sleep Coach app, he had a vision: within the next three to five years, people who are struggling with sleep problems will go to their doctors and walk away not with drugs that haven’t even been validated for long-term use and that come with numerous side effects, but with legitimate psychologically-based assessments of the root causes of their sleep issues, as well as tools that can be used for treating them in a sustainable way.

In order to make that vision a reality, Gartenberg and his team at Sonic Sleep Coach has created a software platform that uses the best IoT devices out there to manipulate light, temperature, and sound in the environment in order to produce better sleep results than the major pharmaceuticals on the market. It will also provide people with personalized cognitive behavioral therapy assessments in order to identify the underlying causes of their sleep disorder and offer simple solutions to improve their sleep and overall quality of life.

It’s currently offered only on Apple devices, but the app will very shortly be available on all Android devices. Stay tuned for the latest news and visit

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