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In this podcast, Oscar Sierra, L.Ac, Board Certified Acupuncture Practitioner (NCCAOM), Dipl. O.M., discusses acupuncture, medicinal plants for cancer treatment, and more. Sierra holds a BS in Nutrition from the University of Georgia and he has many years of experience studying Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture.

Sierra talks about the differences between conventional medicine and traditional medicine. Sierra points out that he practices traditional medicine, and the methods and practices of traditional medicine are supported by thousands of years of history. Sierra is only interested in what is safe and effective for his patients; he is not concerned with whether it is conventional or traditional. Sierra discusses ancillary compounds and vitamins, such as vitamin C, and he talks in detail about chemo drugs based on phytochemicals, and how they are useful in treatment.

Sierra explains the approach they take at his facility in Atlanta. And he underscores the importance of maintaining the ‘basic three,’ which are as follows: sufficient and balanced activity (physical, mental, emotional, spiritual), downtime and sleep, and diet. As he explains, he is a strong advocate for healing herbs, but they cannot be the only solution because the ‘basic three’ must be attended to and maintained.

And Sierra talks about the many cancer patients, and other disease sufferers who have decided to approach healing from a natural perspective, many of whom have seen improvements.

In this podcast:

Which medicinal plants are most commonly used for cancer treatment?
The common practices in modern acupuncture
What is important to build a solid foundation for good health?

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