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In this podcast, Richard Andrews, SM, MS, President/CEO, and Mark Sampson, Chief Scientific Officer, of Azitra, a clinical-stage medical dermatology company that is breaking new ground in skin disease research, discuss their company’s mission.

Andrews is a seasoned executive, a sought-after leader in development, operations, and finance. Dr. Sampson is an experienced preclinical strategist and clinical development researcher.

The disease researcher and sought-after executive discuss their mission at Azitra, explaining how they address skin diseases. As they explain, Azitra combines multiple technologies that are designed to repair disease issues, and then use the microbiome to deliver those, which can provide therapeutic benefits. The skin research and development duo talk about cancer-associated rashes, and other kinds of skin problems.

The dermatology experts discuss the diversity within a healthy microbiome. And amazingly, there are up to a million varied bacteria per each square centimeter of our skin. They explain how this network can be disrupted, which can lead to problems—dysbiosis, which is a microbial imbalance on or inside the body, impaired microbiota for example.

Andrews and Sampson explain the company’s mission: to reset the balance of the skin microbiome to help guard against dangerous bacteria and pathogens.

In this podcast:

How the microbiome can affect the skin
Diseases of the skin
The millions of bacteria on our skin

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