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In this podcast, celebrated author and noted cognitive psychologist, Arthur S. Reber, talks about his amazing research into cell consciousness, and the remarkable discoveries in regard to implicit learning.

The author and psychologist, Reber, received a BA in psychology from the University of Pennsylvania as well as an MA and Ph.D. from Brown University. Reber talks about implicit learning. He recounts a significant moment earlier in his life in which he watched a simple caterpillar making clearly conscious choices in regard to chewing on leaves and checking for dangers in the environment such as potential predators. Reber was so interested in what he was observing that he began a series of pointed writings and research regarding the topic of conscious cells. Reber is known in the scientific world for introducing the concept of implicit learning. Reber utilized the general principles of biology to elucidate how implicit or unconscious cognitive functions show differentiation from those that are conducted consciously, which opened up an avenue for further research.

Later in the podcast, Reber talks about prokaryotes and he explains their functioning. He relates how their skills in learning are simply remarkable. He discusses groundbreaking experiments that showed how cells function while protecting themselves from viruses and toxins in their environment. He details how bacteria function and explains their unique sensitivity by discussing the effect of anesthetics on bacteria behaviors. As he explains, even cells want to reduce their suffering and though most of us don’t give much consideration to plants, Reber states that plants are probably sentient, able to feel and perceive.

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