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There’s something wrong with me…I’m bad…I don’t belong…I don’t deserve love; these are some of the most common core unconscious beliefs that frame people’s reality, preventing them from identifying the traumatic experiences which led to the development of those beliefs to begin with and therefore preventing them from dismantling and rebuilding them. After devoting three decades’ worth of his life to ministry in a progressive church, Bruce Sanguin took a path filled with psychedelics, psychotherapy, and spiritual discovery that would lead him to uncover his own core unconscious beliefs, heal himself from the inside out, and live life with a profound sense of gratitude, love, peace, and empathy. “I was taken into dimensions and domains that ordinary consciousness doesn’t make available…and I felt more connected to source—whatever term you want to use, god, goddess, the great mystery—than I ever did in my years as a clergyman,” says Sanguin. Tune in for the full inspiring account of his incredibly unique journey.

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