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Dr. Katharina Lederle, consultant, human sleep and fatigue specialist at Somnia, discusses the importance of sleep.

Somnia’s mission is to improve sleep quality for everyone, as better sleep is the key to a higher quality life that is often happier, and certainly healthier. Somnia’s heralded Sleep Programmes can assist people as they try to understand their sleep, its impact on their lives, and the true value of getting consistent quality sleep. Their program is designed to help people improve their sleep habits. From poor sleep to outright insomnia, Dr. Lederle and her trained, skilled team of sleep specialists provide personalized services, from one-on-one private consultations to active exercises and digital solutions designed to cut to the core of an individual’s sleep problems and work toward a solution.

Dr. Lederle recounts the story of her upbringing and what intrigued her about sleep and studying it. Growing up in a rural area with not much around except an army base, she came to be comforted during her sleep by the sounds of helicopters. However, her father had the opposite reaction, and she was interested in that difference, and how people sleep and what makes them sleep well. Later in life, she slowly came around to her current career in sleep, studying sleep in humans.

Dr. Lederle discusses the sleep cycle and chronotypes. A chronotype is the behavioral presentation of the core underlying circadian rhythms of various physical processes. For example, someone’s chronotype is the desire to sleep, and the practice of sleeping at a particular time within a 24-hour period that is optimum for them. And as Dr. Lederle states, it is important for everyone to discover their own specific chronotype and not be swayed by what society tells you. Dr. Lederle talks about sensitivity and light, and how it all impacts our body clocks. She explains that we are designed to sleep at night and work during the day, for our night vision is not great—this is how we are. She discusses melatonin and other issues and delves into a discussion of her work and goals for Somnia.

Dr. Lederle utilizes evidence-based knowledge and her hands-on, practical experience in the area of sleep science, inclusive of sleep therapy as well as particular sleep-related matters in order to help individuals feel better by sleeping better, and living more productive, enjoyable lives through achieving quality sleep.

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