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In this podcast, Greg Kieser, Founder at LLC, talks about his varied interests in future technologies, and investments into companies that are doing good work, helping people improve their health.

Greg Kieser is the author of Dear Machine: A Letter to a Super-Aware/Intelligent Machine (SAIM). His interest in technologies of the near future led him to marry that with his natural desire to help people. Kieser’s company,, is a think-tank style investment firm. With a great interest in complex systems science combined with his previous work at a poverty-relief type foundation, Kieser sought to launch an investment entity that would provide funding for those companies doing good work, helping people.

One issue that is of great importance is the microbiome, which is the key to so many health issues. Kieser talks about various investments he has made, including a microbiome company that is leading the way in fecal therapy, which can help people who suffer from autoimmune disorders, IBS, skin issues, digestive issues, and more. Kieser explains how fecal transplantation works, transplanting a healthy donor’s stool to someone who is suffering from an illness in order to help healthy bacteria thrive and combat illnesses. Kieser explains how donors are screened, and how the company looks for potential donors who have never taken antibiotics, and have been healthy of body and mind for their lives.

Further, Kieser discusses other companies that are making strides in the areas of health improvement and his interest in supporting them and their work.

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