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BioNyfiken, which means “bio curiosity” in Swedish, is a community of bio-hackers who are interested in exploring how technology and biology can interact in the modern world. They are perhaps most famous for their implant parties, where individuals implant NFC microchips into their bodies and discuss the various ways that they can be used. Some of the more mainstream use cases for NCF microchips are to replace badges for offices, to log in to personal devices, or to hold information on library cards, or loyalty program and discount program cards.

Chips are about the size of a large grain of rice, and easily removable, should you no longer wish to have it. Implants are done with groups, as it fosters a sense of community and allows people to discuss and bond over shared experiences. Other use cases could include to collect and hold different types of personal health data, such as a diabetic’s blood sugar levels, though this would necessitate a data control revolution.

Chips can also be implanted that allows you to feel magnetic fields, earthquakes around the world, or listen in to the search for extra-terrestrial life. Sjoblad and BioNyfiken will appear as part of a bio-hacking conference in Stockholm in May 2018.

To learn more about bio-hacking, or to chat directly with Hannes Sjoblad, follow him on Twitter @hsjob or on Facebook at BioNyfiken.

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