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Imagine having a source of low-cost, basic nutrition growing indefinitely on your own countertop. “Think of it like a Keurig for nutrition…way more nutritious than the fruits and vegetables in your garden, and it takes a lot less space,” says Elliot Roth, founder of Spira.

With the use of a specific type of algae called spirulina-one of the most nutrient-dense food sources on the planet, composed of 60% protein by weight, 13 vitamins, and 8 minerals-Roth aims to put the power of nutrition in the hands of the people.

Spira emerged from very humble beginnings, as Roth recollects, “For a period of a couple of months, I was dumpster diving and looking for different ways to provide for myself. I think that a lot of people are in a very similar situation across the United States, so I took that problem and wanted to figure out how to turn it into an opportunity to solve it for everyone.” Despite the immensity of its returns, spirulina requires very little to flourish: air, water, light, and salts. Press play to learn more.

Roth also discusses:

  • How to purchase a spirulina kit from, what’s included, and how to see your first harvest come to fruition
  • Why store-bought, processed forms of spirulina are inferior in terms of taste, nutrition, and cost
  • How Spira can cater to individual nutritional requirements by providing specific types of salts that enable the growth of spirulina
  • The best and tastiest ways to consume spirulina, how long it can be stored, and the prospect of developing spirulina-based bars and breads
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