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In this podcast, Adele Anderson, neuro-linguistic programmer and life coach, discusses NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) and the pathways to healing.

Anderson provides a detailed overview of the mechanisms of neuro-linguistic programming (NLP). She explains how we can all take steps to actively change the neuropathways in our minds, to decrease stress, to accelerate learning, and install the ‘excellence’ of others.

Anderson explains the complex science of NLP. As she outlines, our minds have the capacity to take it all in, taking in many elements and stimuli, some we want, and some we don’t. Through NLP techniques, she states, we can actually rewire our brains and set ourselves on a new course. Healing trauma and ending stress are two of her primary goals when working with clients. Anderson discusses the various types of trauma that many of her clients experience and she provides valuable information on how she utilizes the process of NLP to help her clients find the healing they seek.

The NLP expert talks about neural pathways and she explains how they function. Anderson states that NLP offers hundreds of ways that we can engage and rewire neural pathways that may be seriously interrupting our ability to function at our highest level, or achieve happiness, reduce stress, etc.

Anderson discusses her methods and practices, and she wraps up by discussing the ways in which she works with individual clients to help them create physical identifications of these traumas in the mind, and then change them via a complete meditative process.

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