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In this podcast, Biquan Luo, Ph.D., the CEO and Co-Founder of Lumos ( discusses her company’s Lumos Smart Sleep Mask and the mobile app that, together, are helping to end jet lag and chronic fatigue.

Luo holds degrees from Peking University in China and the University of Southern California and was a postdoctoral fellow at the prestigious Stanford University. Luo discusses her extensive scientific background and her motivation for launching Lumos. She recounts how frequent trips to China left her feeling drained all the time. Armed with a wealth of scientific knowledge from her work as a bioscientist, and coupled with her own personal experiences as a sleep clinic patient, Luo set out to eliminate jet lag and chronic fatigue.

Luo talks in-depth about the technology of their sleep mask and she explains how it transmits undetectable pulses of light to prepare us for our coming days. The Lumos light source is less intense than our common natural light source—the sun, and thus our bodies can receive these types of organic indicators without disrupting our sleep. Cues of light assist our bodies as they seek to adjust to new time zones, and this process greatly decreases the time it takes for our bodies to accept the new time zone and feel comfortable.

Luo talks about the many factors that can negatively impact our ability to sleep well, and how we can find methods to improve sleep. Luo discusses melatonin secretion, and she explains why teenagers are ‘night owls’ during their teen years. Luo explains sleep deprivation, and circadian rhythms, and the ways that poor sleep can potentially exacerbate or cause depression.

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