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In this important podcast, Allison Rosen, M.S., Lead Project Coordinator at Baylor College of Medicine, talks about her ongoing mission to spread the word and educate about cancer prevention.

Rosen is passionate about her work at Baylor College of Medicine. As the Lead Project Coordinator at Dan L Duncan Comprehensive Cancer Center Office of Outreach and Health Disparities at Baylor College of Medicine, Rosen takes grassroots community education seriously.

Devoting her life to educating the public about various cancers is a personal journey for Rosen, and she shares with us the path that she took to get to where she is today. At Baylor, one of Rosen’s main areas of focus is the education of minority communities as well as young people, about cancer screening and cancer prevention.

Rosen talks about her journey, and life as a colon cancer survivor. And she provides information about how she organically moved into prevention, taking her message to the public.

Rosen discusses her education and research, especially in oncology research and how she was led to eventually put all her efforts into cancer prevention. Rosen discusses symptoms of cancer, especially for younger people, and she provides further details on one of her primary areas of knowledge—colorectal cancer.


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