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Aimee Tariq was only in high school when physical ailments took over her life. With a resting heart rate of 200 beats per minute, she was unable to socialize, play her favorite sports, or even take care of herself. She sought help in the way that most would: from a variety of doctors and specialists in the U.S. medical system. But after countless diagnoses and no relief, Aimee Tariq felt she was running out of options. Finally, she decided to abandon the U.S. medical system and carve her own path to health through self-education. She researched everything from toxin exposure to spinal alignment, changed her lifestyle, and completely changed her diet before beginning to find relief.

Today, Tariq is where she was before the ailments began controlling her life—in fact, she may even be better off. Her journey inspired her to author A Life with Health, which quickly became a best-selling book on Amazon. She joins the podcast today to discuss her personal journey, the valuable information she has learned over the years, and how you can help yourself achieve a true state of health—with or without a diagnosis or prescription. Interested in learning more?

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