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In this interesting and informative podcast, Dr. Amelia Mazgaloff, principal of Chiro-Health, Inc. (, delivers a detailed overview of her daily work as a chiropractor, helping patients with nervous system issues and misalignments.

Dr. Mazgaloff earned her master’s degree in physical education and kinesiology (the study of human movement) and went on to complete her education in X-ray technology. Dr. Mazgaloff has extensive experience as a chiropractor and has worked at important facilities, such as the Hospital for Special Surgery in Manhattan, one of the best spine orthopedic hospitals.

Dr. Mazgaloff talks about joint pain, inflammation, and chiropractic techniques that she uses. She discusses the kinds of treatments that exist for correcting misalignments of the joints, and the impact of injuries on our nerves and muscles. Dr. Mazgaloff talks about the ways injuries might occur, from trip and fall injuries to more severe accidents. She explains how trauma can impact our joints and the importance of correcting problems. When alignment problems do not seem to realign on their own, that’s the time that chiropractors are often called in, to manually realign and correct the issue or issues.

The chiropractic doctor talks about her patients and how they respond in treatment. As the doctor explains, her goal is to actually fix problems on a permanent basis if at all possible, not just relieve the pain temporarily. She discusses current techniques, and she provides detailed information on how she and her team work to adjust joints. And she talks about maintenance adjustment and scheduling of patients for follow-ups to continue their care and progress.

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