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In this podcast, Dr. Charles J. Meakin, Medical Director, Care Oncology Clinic, discusses the current state of cancer treatment, from drug therapy to research.

Dr. Meakin has over 30 years of intensive experience in radiation oncology. Dr. Meakin utilizes his vast oncology background to design ‘whole patient’ care strategies. The oncology doctor explains how his early interest in diet, yoga, and other concepts that were somewhat alternative elements to the standard of care, helped him to pursue his current work—researching to find metabolic solutions to disease.

Dr. Meakin explains the idea of reappropriating drugs once designed for another disease or illness to be used for cancer treatment. The research doctor discusses tumors and drug/treatment options that work to fight diseases at the cellular level.

Dr. Meakin discusses the Care Oncology Clinic’s goals and some of their practices, and the ongoing mission to find safe and effective combinations of medicines to target the metabolic pathways of cancer. He provides extensive detail on multiple types of drugs and treatment therapies and how certain drugs target cancer cells. Wrapping up, Dr. Meakin discusses the successes they have had in their work and some of the technical aspects of their research.

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