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This discussion targets essential elements of childhood emotional development according to journalist Katherine Lewis’ findings. Using her book as a springboard, she explains:

  • How a careful research process that included expert discussions, scholarly work, and observational studies lead to key ideas.
  • How children’s behavior has changed over the last few decades.
  • What are the specific conversations we can have and actions we can take with children to offer emotional skill development?

Journalist Katherine Lewis started to write about children’s behavior then and now after observing her own journey with her children. She had been reporting on business and policy as a journalist but began covering these parenting issues more and more often. Because these articles became popular, she knew she’d hit a nerve and pursued the subject more thoroughly. After this next level of work, she published The Good News about Bad Behavior

In her book, she entails the lack of emotional self-regulation and impulse control many children face compared to the past and this difference between children’s behavior then and now. Because today’s youth struggle more with emotional management, we find higher instances of anxiety, addiction, and suicide. She offers explanations but also solutions.

She establishes the importance of letting a child work through a meltdown unimpeded, for example, so they can negotiate those extreme emotions. Then in a calmer time, parents and child can work on problem-solving together. .Finally, she establishes essential principals to maintain for children to help in the journey forward.

For more information, see her web site at

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