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In this podcast, Dr Claudia Gray, PhD, Paediatrician and Allergologist, Kids Allergy Paediatric & Allergy Centre—South Africa, talks in detail about allergy issues and research, discussing many common child allergies, child skin allergy treatment, and what’s coming in the future for allergy testing and treatment.

Podcast Points of Discussion:

  • How do allergy tests work?
  • Why do certain allergies improve over time, but some actually worsen?
  • Do allergy shots work as an effective treatment?

Dr Gray has an extensive history and background in her field, as a paediatrician with a subspecialist accreditation in allergology, and as a noted researcher. She received her medical degree from the University of Cape Town, then continued studies in London, specializing in paediatrics, paediatric clinical pharmacology, and paediatric allergy. Additionally, she holds a PhD related to the specific study of eczema and food allergy.

Dr Gray talks about her background, why she decided to specialize in paediatrics and allergies, and some of the current research in the field. Allergologists have a wide range of studies that includes eczema, asthma, environmental allergies, drug allergies, food allergies, gut allergies, and insect venom allergies. Dr Gray provides detailed information on why some allergies improve over time, but others worsen.

The research doctor and professor explains how allergy shots work, and why they are successful with some patients. She discusses the various mechanisms through which allergies can improve over time, discussing the artificial processes (such as allergy shots) that are designed to trick the body into producing protective antibodies. She explains how they work with their patients, discussing medicines, and specific allergies—such as peanut allergies, detailing how early oral exposure can help to build up a tolerance. She describes how desensitization for bee allergies, and other allergies, can sometimes work and explains why exposure is only becoming accepted as a method of treatment lately, in some circles.

Dr Gray discusses eczema management, and the importance of discussing issues and information with your doctor, as opposed to trusting what you might find on the internet.

As a respected speaker and noted authority, Dr Gray has contributed to more than 70 publications in her fields of expertise and she is a regular speaker at many international and local conferences.

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