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Brian McCarthy is the EVP of and is an innovator in the business of modern dentistry. His primary motivation: to bring quality dentistry to everyone. In this informative podcast McCarthy talks about how the lack of proper oral care is a growing problem in America.

With many Americans skipping yearly dental visits, oral care is suffering. And as many dentists have been slow to keep up with advancing technology, appointments are being missed, and patients are not scheduling regular checkups, as they should. McCarthy saw an opportunity to jump in and help, and that is what is all about—making dentistry more accessible to everyone.

McCarthy details the importance of preventive care and he cites examples of improvements in dental technology that have revolutionized modern dentistry. From fixing a cracked tooth to advanced clear aligners, and so much more, the times are changing and the technology is improving, which means better quality oral care for all of us—assuming we go to see our dentists. McCarthy discusses how his company is helping to introduce dentists to new ways to market and connect, keeping patients informed via teledentistry, texting, and more. He elaborates on the many ways that providers can keep their patients informed and educated on dental/ oral care topics, and keep them coming in when they should, booking regular appointments and taking better care of their teeth. And as oral care is connected to overall body wellness, McCarthy is excited about the many ways his company is impacting health.

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