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In this podcast, Jen Fisch, founder of the popular site, Keto In The City at discusses the many ways that the ketogenic lifestyle can help combat medical conditions and improve wellness for everyone.

Jen Fisch’s popular cookbook series is creating a buzz in the keto community. She is the author of The Easy 5-Ingredient Ketogenic Diet Cookbook, The Big Book of Keto, and Keto In 30 Minutes. Jen is a sought-after speaker on all things keto, and spends a great amount of time on keto education and guidance, helping people find their path to wellness through diet.

Early on in Jen’s life she was diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis, but she did not make the connection to keto until ten years later. When she did, she found that changing her diet to a ketogenic diet not only gave her more energy and better restorative sleep, but it helped to combat her medical condition. For every year since, Jen has been building her knowledge base on keto and helping people with their own journeys. In the podcast Jen goes into detail about the dynamics of keto, from cutting sugar and carbs to finding the right types of nutritious keto-approved foods that work for the individual.

As everyone is different, Jen states it is important to continually tweak your diet to make sure you are still getting the maximum benefits. The keto lifestyle expert details the specifics of keto nutrition, and explains how keto foods work in the body to burn fat and fuel the body in ways that the body responds positively to. In essence, the body is fueled by glucose and stores excess carbs and protein as fat, but as ketosis begins the body starts to use fat as its primary fuel source.

Jen recounts some of the wonderful feedback she has received from people who have utilized her books to change their diet, and their lives. Jen is a proud member of the keto community and is always happy to provide her input to everyone who is looking for a path to great health via nutrition.

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